#WhyWomenDontReport: Because Shame

BECAUSE When a teen boy exposed himself to me at age 8, I was the one who got grounded I was only a child He was a relative I don’t know what to call it when teen boy touched my vagina behind a church because no sex-ed My parents just thought I needed to repent for “asking for it” Well, what were you wearing? Shame BECAUSE I told my mother and she did nothing He was a family friend, and I thought I brought it on Did you lead him on? If my own family want me to “move on” … Continue reading #WhyWomenDontReport: Because Shame

#Kaepernick: Why are we here again?

  the racist people from my high school are suddenly passionate about politics again “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that opposes black people and people of color.” We’ve been proud of a nation who has yet to be proud of us Black oppression is a myth. US is diverse. [He] is a mullato (but then they are usually the ones who agitate for this kind of shit) You have our attention . . . now what?   all AfroAmerican & nonwhite NFL players should stand with [him]. You know … Continue reading #Kaepernick: Why are we here again?

we stand with you: #Dallas & #BlackLivesMatter

#Dallas A shooting at a protest because of a shooting feels like America can’t win divided not by the thin blue line but by the line running through every human heart   I am sick to death see the death, misery, pain cultivating racism & divisiveness in America brings? people shouting fuck the police ran right to the police   for protection when bullets started flying What is the distance between open CARRY and open USE? If only the guns had guns! Kill them today or you tomorrow   He wanted to kill white officers Remember America, this country was … Continue reading we stand with you: #Dallas & #BlackLivesMatter

#Trump:  slipping through the cracks

paint it orange & dress it in a designer suit an entertainer is no one listening to the voters of failed government are getting the leadership they deserve the secrets to wealth creation who can compete with that? folks we need a huge win in Florida we love illegals “slipping through the cracks” a real man simply raising his middle finger that shock & awe look in the media you don’t have a chance! he might be crazy, but at least he speaks what’s on his mind is very strong and no one comes close you’re wrong dude! inform urself … Continue reading #Trump:  slipping through the cracks

#adoption: Beauty Strangers Flesh

are you looking for adoption help me find my birth mother I wanna be again with my real parents are just like regular parents why we chose adoption first the choice everyone can live with no one deserves to be alone why I’m grateful for being adopted recovering from adoption issues we need advocates for our beauty the last thing adoptees need are strangers’ cuddles the government does not have the right to tell someone who to love we fully immerse them into the culture of our family reunite 35 years after adoption fundraiser giveaway win tickets to see the … Continue reading #adoption: Beauty Strangers Flesh